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Hello! I'm Alline Ayala, Ed. D.

A creative problem-solver and passionate educator with a multi-disciplinary background in strategic planning, design thinking, and all educational technology. I am committed to translating research insights into meaningful experiences and innovative applications to help organizations grow leaders for the future and build world-class capabilities to their environments. I bring expertise from a broad range of projects including business, talent development, school improvement, design thinking education, product development, business operations, and workshop planning and facilitation.

Technology is a powerful tool in education. It serves as a productivity tool, helps communicate ideas, and brings teams together to work collaboratively. It is a vehicle for administration and record-keeping, and a catalyst for storytelling and creativity that lead to positive learning outcomes.

Throughout my career I have been a passionate advocate for the mindful use of technology as a tool for teaching and learning both in corporate settings and K-12. Additionally, I have served as a thought leader promoting the inclusion of technology with Google, Apple, ASCD, and other vendors. In this role, I have developed content, lead training initiatives, created courses and content, and aided strategic planning efforts to the adoption of technology.


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